Extensions by Tara

Tara has been offering the very best in Eyelash Extensions for the last 9 years. Farnham Eyelashes professional yet friendly approach will make even the most nervous client feel at ease, and feel like a star when you open your eyes.

Tara has one of the strongest client bases locally and has thus become one of the leading specialists in 1:1 Classic & Russian Volume eyelash extensions within the Surrey & Hampshire area.

Tara  uses only the finest quality products from Lashbase, who she is an ambassador for. Glues are from Lashbase & Lash Heaven depending on the humidity in the salon.  The Glue used is produced in the EU, and conforms to all the current EU regulations. It is latex and formaldehyde free. With a wide selection of lashes, in different lengths, curls and widths, Tara is able to create a stunning, bespoke look , individual to each client.

Tara prides herself on keeping up to date with changing trends and the fast pace at which the lash industry is evolving every year. Tara has a yearly training budget and has attended many lash workshops and seminars run by world renowned lash artists, having trained with the likes of Vicky Rugg and Bryony Barclay. This year Tara has been selected as 1 of 10 to train with the very talented Trina Dial Horne from Maven Artistry in America. 

Tara is a member of LILA (Lessons in Lash Artistry) and online resource for lash technicians of every skill level. Being a member gives  access to a wealth of information. Even with 9 years of lashing and experience, there is still room to learn more and be the best that you can whether thats with advanced skills or lash styling. Tara is also an active member of several "lash" groups on social media which opens up a wealth of experience & knowledge from all over the world.

Tara has recently taken a backseat from teaching where she was qualified to teach Classic and Russian Volume lashes to an advanced level,  to concentrate on her client base 100%, but is still offering mentoring sessions to other local lash artists.

Tara is keen to raise standards across the industry with her extensive knowledge & experience of the eyelash industry.  Tara has probably come across all of the issues you might experience, so if you're a  lash tech and have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tara also holds a PTLLS / Level 3 Award in Education & Training teaching qualification.

Patch Test & Consultation 

Consultation & Patch test: A Patch test/Consultation is offered to all clients to discuss the treatment, aftercare, and any contra-indications which may prevent treatment can be ruled out. A £30 no refundable booking fee is payable within 24hrs to confirm any new appointment. This will be credited against your full set. 

This is a great opportunity to discuss wishes and expectations. Any patch test for  new clients must be under taken with at least 48 hours prior to treatment. Although you can develop a reaction at any time whilst wearing lash extensions, having a patch test will minimise the risk. After all it is your eyes! 

Even if you have had the treatment before elsewhere you will still need a patch test.  If you have had an allergic reaction to any eyelash glue before you must disclose this and I will not proceed with any treatment.  This is a legal requirement of my insurance. No Patch test, no lashes.  During the patch test, we will apply several small desecrate lashes to your lash line. 

Tara will talk you though the entire procedure and you will be given aftercare instructions & housekeeping policies to take home, here are a few quick important ones to remember before coming for your patch test:


CONTACT LENSES TO BE REMOVED  (not back in for 24hrs)




The aftercare of your lash extensions is just as important as the application. The main function of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes from everyday dirt/dust. So you can imagine how much they collect! It is really important to keep your lashes clean, not just to to ensure longer retention of your extensions but for the health of your eyes.

Unclean lashes can result in eye infections such as Blepharitis. Once you have this it will not go away. You will require a letter from your GP before we can re introduce lashes. 

It is advised that you clean your lashes every Daily. I retail a very good eyelash and eyelid cleaner for £15. 

First 24hrs: You are advised to clean your lashes the same day as your treatment. New advances in technology and glue allows us to shock cure the glue at your appointment meaning you do not need to worry about keeping them dry for 24hrs anymore. I advise to keep them dry for the first 6 hrs after application.

Although I would still recommend you not use sun beds, sauna, spa, steam rooms, jacuzzi for a minimum of 48hrs.

Do not undergo any eyebrow treatments such as waxing and tinting. You do not want to dislodge any lashes during another treatment. 

Do not re insert any contact lenses , please wait 24hrs.

After 24hrs: You must clean your lashes DAILY, using an oil free eyelash shampoo. If you do not wish to purchase some you can use a very mild mixture of baby shampoo and water. Lashes must be rinsed well (3 times) and carefully brushed to get the "fluff" back.

Do not use mascara/liquid eyeliner. It will break down the glue bonds quickly, close the volume fans and reduce your retention. It is also extremely difficult to completely remove all traces of makeup which can result in a dirty, unhealthy lash line, causing unsightly clumps. Over time can cause premature shedding & or permanent damage to your natural lashes. Any extensions smothered in makeup will have to be completely removed and this can result in you having to pay for a complete new set instead of an infill.

Brush your lashes gently every day. Do not pick/pull/fiddle with your lashes, you will cause damage to your natural lashes. 

Do not try to remove your extensions, this must be done by a trained professional, you will damage your natural lashes.

I do my upmost to keep your natural lashes in perfect condition, and will not take responsibility for damage to natural lashes due to bad aftercare.


During the Treatment

Once comfortable, a strip of micro-pore tape covers the lower lashes and a lint-free anti-aging gel eye pad is placed under the eyes. It is important to protect your lower lashes and eyes.

During your consultation, photos will be taken and we will look at your face shape to determine what styling we are gonig to move forward with. 

Then it's eyes closed, and relax! The whole treatment is completely pain free, and relaxing (don't worry if you fall asleep, many clients do) My salon has state of the art lighting, air conditioning, heated beauty bed & de/humidifier to control the environment so we get the best working conditions for the products. 

Your natural eyelashes are then washed and primed for the treatment, each individual eyelash is separated for the extension to be bonded to it. A good technician will place the synthetic lash approx 1mm away  (safety gap) from the lash time, sitting it on top of your natural lash, thus allowing the natural lash to continue to grow. When your natural lash is ready to fall out, the extension will fall out too.

With good aftercare your eyelash extensions will look good for 2-3 weeks depending on your lash cycle, and how you look after them! As your natural lashes continue to grow and fall out, a new natural lash will appear and then a new extension can be applied to this.

The whole procedure takes approx 1.5hrs - 2 hours depending on the amount of eyelashes applied. This treatment cannot be rushed ! Top up infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks (approx 45mins- 1hr) to replace & refresh your extensions will keep them looking great ! During the infill treatment (45mins-60mins) any stray lashes are removed, and replaced.

Russian Volume lashes take longer to apply so be prepared to lie extremely still for up to 3hrs. Russian Volume lashes are not suitable for pregnant ladies or those with back issues. 

From a natural look to a more dramatic glamorous look, everything is carefully individually tailored to you and your lashes. The number of lashes applied may vary depending on your own lashes, eye shape, and look required. It is important not to overload your natural lashes with extensions that are too heavy, which can look droopy and cause premature loss of the natural lash. Your natural lash health is of upmost importance and Tara will not do anything to compromise this regardless of what another lash technician has previously done for you. 



Full Set Classic 1:1 1 hour 30 mins -
2 hours

 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash. 1:1

2-3 weekly infills 45 mins -
1 hour

Maintence infills where stray lashes removed and replaced to look as good as new.

from 1st June infill prices will be £40 per hr, if you require extra time , for example  1.15hrs £50 and 1.5hrs will be £60 

Russian Volume full set £120.00

Russian Volume lashes use a new multi lash technique developed in Russia. Several ultra lightweight lashes made into a fan by hand and are applied to each individual natural lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural lash. This is a volume boosting treatment. Not suitable for everyone. No pregnant clients. No back issues. This treamtment can take 2-3 hrs. 

Volume 2-3week infill £55.00

From 1st June .

Minimum appoiment time for Russian volume is 1.15hrs 

if you require a longer appointment infills will be charged at £40 per hr, so 1.30hr appoimtment will be £60, 1.45hr £70, 2hr £80 

Eyelash & Eyelid Cleaner £15.00
Products for sale - Eyeliner £12.00


Housekeeping & Other bits

Choosing the right technician: It can be daunting with so many people now offering this treatment, with a range of prices, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. A cheap set of eyelash extensions are cheap for a reason! A good technician needs to be doing lashes on a daily basis, for several years for you to be getting the best results!

Anything less and you will be disappointed with the results. Look for testimonials, unedited photos, word of mouth and recommendations, even ask who they trained with - Ask to see certificates, including insurance. 

As my books are closed to new clients please do ask me for my recommendations - I have a list of local girls I have trained or mentored. 

Are Eyelash Extensions for everyone: In a word no, there has be a natural lash to work with, so if you unfortunately have no natural lashes, then sadly this treatment may not be for you. There are a number of eye conditions that may prevent the treatment. These can be discussed at a consultation or over the phone. If you have sparse lashes it may now be possible to apply Russian Volume lashes to boost the volume and hide gaps. Please discuss with Tara. 

New Clients: New clients will be required to pay a non refundable booking fee of £30 to secure their full set appointment, within 24hrs. Appointments will not be confirmed until this has been paid. This will be deducted from the final cost of your treatment.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment cost if cancelled with 48 hrs or 100% if cancelled within 24hrs of your due appointment. If you do have to cancel please be aware that although I try to move things around and fit you in, this is not always possible and may result on in an appointment in 3-4 weeks time which in turn will result in you paying for a longer appointment.  Any cancellation fee is payable before I confirm another appointment.

Paying: All appointments must be paid in full when you come to your appointment unless agreed beforehand. I can accept most major cards/cash/Paypal & bank transfer. If you are paying via a bank transfer this must be in my account within 2hrs of your appointment and agreed before you arrive. I do not accept cheques. 

Sickness: If you are under the weather please reschedule your appointment. I am self employed and so cannot afford to be off work, and the glue is likely to make you feel worse. You must be free of S&D for at least 48hrs before any appointment. If you children are off sick from school then please do not bring them with you. 

If you have any kind of issue within your eyes before your appointment please advise me before attending, as it is likely we will need to reschedule your appointment. Do not attend for me to look or on the off change. If you attend and I decide I cannot carry out your treatment you will still be charged For the full appoimtment.  

Children: Children are not insured to be in my salon, so please do not bring them. If you do, I will not be able to carry out your treatent and you will still charged for the appointment time. 

Lateness & Appointment Etiquette: If you are late, unfortunately I may not be able to extend your appointment and may not be able to apply a full set of lashes to the fullness that you have previously experienced but I will still charge you for the full appointment time. It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive on time so I can give you the required time.

Lateness of over 15 minutes may result in cancellation of your appointment and potentially I wont be able to see you for another 3-4 weeks. If you know you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible as this can have a knock on effect to the rest of my working day.

Mascara & Makeup: If you arrive at your appointment wearing eye makeup of any kind or have dirty lashes, the time it takes me to clean them will come off your appointment (as I am not responsible for the overall hygiene of your eyes). Please note that the more time spent cleaning your lashes, the less time spent apply new extensions, resulting in a less full lash line than you have previously experienced. 

You need to arrive with squeaky clean eyes and lashes (even if you are going to work afterwards). 

Russian Volume fans will completely close up with mascara and liquid eyeliners resulting in them all having to be removed, this will result in less full lash line than previously experience or paying for a full set if time allows.

Please note that persistent offenders will be removed from my client base.

Retention : You should arrive at your lash appointment with 30-50% of your extensions left. If you are not, then there will be a reason. If the issue hasn't happened to my entire client base then we will need to look at your aftercare/change of medication/hormones/illnesses/pregnancy/skin type/makeup. 

Stretching your appointments to 3 weeks is totally fine if your retention is good, however if it is poor you will need to come back sooner or you will be liable to pay for a longer appointment or find yourself with a less full lash line than you previously have experienced. You must let me know in advance if you have lost more than 50% of your lashes so that I can try and adjust appointments so we can get you back to a full set. Any extra time spent on your lashes will be charged at £40 per hr. 


If you are unsure about anything please feel free to pick up the phone and call me.