Extensions by Tara

Tara has been offering the very best in Eyelash Extensions for the over 7 years. Farnham Eyelashes professional yet friendly approach will make even the most nervous client feel at ease, and feel like a star when you open your eyes.

Tara  uses only the finest quality lashes and glues from The Eyelash Emporium.  The Glue used is produced in the EU, and conforms to all the current EU regulations. It is latex and formalderhyde free. I do not purchase products from ebay or outside of Europe. With a wide selection of lashes, in different lengths, curls and widths, Tara is able to create a stunning, natural look, individual to each client.

Eyelash Extensions by Farnham Eyelashes are waterproof and durable, so you can enjoy having longer, thicker, and beautiful lashes 24 hours a day, for weeks at a time, without the hassle or need for mascara. Eyelash extensions are perfect for your big day, holidays, parties or like many of Tara's clients - essential for everyday!

Tara solely specialise's in the art of Eyelash Extensions, with a dedicated salon based from her home address in South Farnham. Farnham Eyelashes is within easy reach of the A31 & has plenty of off street parking

What to expect:  A free consultation & patch test is offered to all clients to discuss the treatment, aftercare, and any contra-indications which may prevent treatment can be ruled out. A £30 no refunable booking fee is payable to confrm any new appointment, and the balance paid at the full treatment.

This is a great opportunity to discuss wishes and expectations. During this time a patch test for  new clients will be under taken at least 48 hours prior to treatment to ensure the client is not allergic to the adhesive or glues. Even if you have had the treamtent before elsewhere you will still need a patch test. This is a legal requirement of my insurance. If you have had an allergic reaction to any eyelash glue before you must disclose this and I will not proceed with any treatment. 

During the treatment any eye make up must be removed to ensure that the lashes are completely clean and free from cosmetics/oil. PLEASE COME WITH NO EYE MAKEUP, CONTACTS READY TO BE REMOVED & MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT USE CURLERS ON YOUR LASHES 48HRS PRIOR TO TREATMENT.

Contact lenses must be removed during the treatment. Please do not put your lenses back in for 24hrs after the treatment. 


Once comfortably lying down, a strip of micro-pore tape covers the lower lashes and a lint-free anti-aging gel eye pad is placed under the eyes. It is important to protect your lower lashes and eyes.

Then it's eyes closed, and relax! The whole treatment is completely pain free, and relaxing (don't worry if you fall asleep, many clients do)

Your natural eyelashes are then cleaned and primed for the treatment, each individual eyelash is separated for the extension to be bonded to it. A good technician will place the synthetic lash approx 2mm away  (safety gap) from the lash time, sitting it on top of your natural lash, thus allowing the natural lash to continue to grow. When your natural lash is ready to fall out, the extension will fall out too.

With good aftercare your eyelash extensions can last 3 - 5 weeks depending on your lash cycle, and how you look after them! As your natural lashes continue to grow and fall out, a new natural lash will appear and then a new extension can be applied to this.

The whole procedure takes approx 1.5hrs - 2 hours depending on the amount of eyelashes applied. This treatment cannot be rushed ! Top up infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks (approx 45mins- 1hr) to replace & refresh your extensions will keep them looking great ! During the infill treament (45mins-60mins) any stray lashes are removed, and replaced.

From a natural look to a more dramatic glamorous look, everything is carefully individually tailored to you and your lashes. The number of lashes applied may vary depending on your own lashes, eye shape, and look required. It is important not to overload your natural lashes with extensions that are too heavy, which can look droopy and cause premature loss of the natural lash, which is not a good look.

Choosing the right technician: It can be daunting with so many people now offering this treatment, with a range of prices, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. A cheap set of eyelash extensions are cheap for a reason! A good technician needs to be doing lashes on a daily basis, for several years for you to be getting the best results! Anything less and you will be disappointed with the results. Look for testimonials, word of mouth and recommendations, even ask who they trained with - I trained with The Eyelash Emporium winners of the 2014 & 2015 Guild Award for training, & the UK's leading XD volume trainers. I am also a certified Eyelash Emporium trainer. 

Are Eyelash Extensions for everyone: In a word no, there has be a natural lash to work with, so if you unfortunately have very sparse or no natural lashes, then sadly this treatment is not for you. There are a number of eye conditions that may prevent the treatment. These can be discussed at a consultation.

If you have sparce lashes it may now be possible to apply xD Russian Volume lashes to boost the volume and hide gaps. Please discuss with Tara. 


Full Set Classic 1:1 1 hour 30 mins -
2 hours

Get the full on glamour look with over 100 lashes applied 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash. 1:1

Taster Set/Bridal Trial (Classic 1:1) 1 hour £60.00

Perfect taster for a bridal trial or those not sure about lash extensions.

2-3 weekly infills 45 mins -
1 hour

Maintence infills where lash extensions are cleaned, stray lashes removed and replaced to look as good as new.

4-5 weekly infills 45 mins -
1 hour 30 mins
£45.00 - £65.00

Maintence infill where lash extensions are cleaned, stray lashes removed and replaced to look as good as new.

Removal 30 mins £15.00

Lash extensions are professional removed. This treatment is free if you are having another set put back on. Please do not attempt this at home, you will damage you natural lashes.

Products for sale - Lash Extension mascara £14.99
Products for sale - Lash Sealant £14.99
Products for sale - Eyeliner £11.99
Xd Russian Volume full set £120.00

Xd Russian Volume lashes use a new multi lash technique developed in Russia. Several ultra lightweight lashes are applied to each individual natural lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural lash. This is a volume boosting treatment. Not suitable for everyone. No pregnant clients. No back issues. This treamtment can take 2-3 hrs. 

Xd Volume 3-4 week infill £55.00

Please note that clients who arrive for a 2-3 wk infill with less than 50% of their extensions left should be prepared to pay for a complete full set or an extended infill not a £40 infill.

Please note that I no longer accept cheques. Payments now accepted : cash, bacs, paypal, debit/credit cards. Bacs/paypal within 12hrs of treatment for regular clients, prior to treatment if a new client. Card payments will incur a small charge.

If you cancel or reshedule your appointent with less than 48hrs you will incur a 50% charge of the treatment booked and less than 24hrs notice will result in 100%. No further appointments will be booked until this is paid.

Full terms and conditions can be found on my facebook page or ask for a copy.