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About Tara Fisher

No longer accepting new Clients

As an Eyelash Artist, Tara primarily sees lashing as an art. She prides herself on keeping up to date with changing trends and the fast pace at which the lash industry is evolving every year. Tara has a yearly training budget and has attended many lash workshops and seminars run by world renowned lash artists, having trained with the likes of Vicky Rugg and Bryony Barclay. 

Tara is now just 1 of 30 Eyelash Artists in the UK to be trained by world class trainer Trina Dial Horne from Maven Artistry in America. At Farnham Eyelashes we now specialise in Maven’s unique Face Studies™ program, corrective lashing, creating illusion, structural symmetry and balancing facial appearance. Implementing Maven’s Face Studies™ program has revolutionised the way we approach lash artistry, allowing us to create a bespoke and long-lasting look for every client.


Tara is a member of LILA (Lessons in Lash Artistry) and online resource for lash technicians of every skill level. Being a member gives access to a wealth of information. Even with 15 years of lashing and experience, there is still room to learn more and be the best that you can whether thats with advanced skills or lash styling. Tara is also an active member of several "lash" groups on social media which opens up a wealth of experience & knowledge from all over the world.

Tara as Trainer & Mentor

Tara is qualified to teach Classic and Russian Volume lashes to an advanced level offers mentoring sessions to other local lash artists. Education with Tara is on hold at the moment.

Widely known by fellow lash artists as 'Mumma Fisher', Tara has over 14 years of knowledge and experience to share within the lash industry, and is willing help anyone. Winning the LashBase Commitment to Support award in 2019 is testament to that. She also achieved a Top 10 position as trainer/mentor throughout the UK and recently won Mentor of the Year and Veteran Lash Artist of the Year awards from LSUK.  


Having been established a long time, Tara continues to attend regular training/workshops and is a well-known face on the lash event circuit, keeping herself up-to-date and current. Tara often hosts other influential lash artists for her local community, as well as regular podcasts, blogs and training videos for some of the industry’s leading lash companies. Tara has also judged several competitions recently with a few more in the pipeline.


Tara is keen to raise standards across the industry with her extensive knowledge & experience of the eyelash industry.  Tara has probably come across all of the issues you might experience, so if you're a lash tech and have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tara also holds a PTLLS / Level 3 Award in Education & Training teaching qualification.

"I love my lashes, I wouldn't be without them. Everyone I meet either friends or total strangers always ask "are you lashes real? they look amazing!!". I tell them they are false/semi-permant I always recommend Farnham Eyelashes. Tara is very accommodating when it comes to making or changing an appointment, she will always fit you in so you can have lushes lashes... Thanks Tara :-)"

| Trudy, Farnham |


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